About Us

In 1989, TJ started a company called TJ’s Lawncare. It primarily was a lawn mowing business. Through the years, we added service’s, added employee’s, changed the name to TJ Held Groundskeeping and changed it again to TJ Held Landscape, Inc in 2004.

TJ Held Landscape, Inc is a full service lawn and landscape company. With 12 to 15 employees we offer services to commercial and residential customers. Today, TJ’s duties have changed to managing the daily operations of the business. However, TJ stays focused on providing customer service and delivering high quality services to his customers daily.

We would like to extend our gratitude to each customer that gives us the opportunity to perform services for them at their home and/or business. I am blessed to be able to work with a great staff, clients that appreciate our efforts and short comings, and an occupation that I enjoy. We will try to bring each client the highest level of service and professionalism that you deserve in a landscape company!

Give us a call at 815.873.9074 to set up an appointment. We would like to be able to service all your lawn and landscape needs!